Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Post- LOST

All I can say is wow.

Ok, that's a lie. I can always say more. I'd like to see a day when I truly can't. Well, the weather subsided and we saw LOST uninterrupted. Thankfully.

But about the show- WOW. Seriously, WOW.

- HOW far into the future was that last scene? A few months? A year?
- Does Jack really need to go back to the island?
- Can he only get back if Kate's with him on the plane?
- Who was in the coffin? Sawyer? Ben?
- Did everyone get off the island?
- Who did Kate need to get back to? Sawyer? Her child?
- What happened between Jack and Kate? Why was she so put off by him?
- Will Jack get a chance to change the future?
- Was the future the future? Or is it the present and the island is the past? Which one are we now in?
- Are they now off the island until they go back?
- Who are the people on the boat?
- Who was/is Naomi?
- Where was Penny?
- Why didn't Charlie just swim out of the porthole since he knew Naomi lied?
- What did Walt tell Locke?
- Why can't Patchy seem to die?
- Is he dead for real this time?
- Was Kate pardoned? It didn't seem like she was running.

I have a lot more questions, and some theories to answer these questions, but I have an important interview early so I should just go to bed. I'm sure Shannon will blog about the show soon. I'll try and link to her post at work if I get a chance tomorrow. So, what did ya'll think about the episode?

Here we go again....

For the season 2 premiere of LOST we had major storms, and before the show was about to begin the news channel said they'd play LOST on their sister channel, so my mom and I switched over (who I watch LOST w/ most weeks), and yes, it did come on. But, that was when we first saw Desmond in the hatch and we had no idea what the heck was going on. It was very confusing. Half way through, they ran a little scrolling news tag that said they'd switch back to the regular channel at the next commercial. It was weird. The storms were bad and luckily we never lost power, but many did, and lots of schools were cancelled the next day b/c they couldn't get power back yet, and there were trees and branches all over.

Then, last year for the finale, there were more storms- nothing even remotely serious this time, but we were nervous.

Today, while I was driving home from work, it was raining and the sirens were sounding. Strange for the middle of the day, I thought. Then, between the buildings of beautiful downtown Minneapolis, I was positive I saw "swirling" which is code for "take cover". I called my mom, and she had lots of branches down, some fascia down on the house and a neighbor lost a HUGE tree. They don't know if it was a tornado (I doubt it- it'd have been just barely one if it was) but now they're calling it a "micro-burst". There were reports of two construction trailers being turned over on a highway nearby, and by her house the roads are covered by hail and trees and branches.

Now, so far everyone's ok. And, sadly, we're just worried that LOST will be messed with again! How silly is that? It's just a TV show, but we love it, and for the finale, we have a little party w/ friends, and I'd hate for it to ruined. But, there are things far more important in the world and in my life, so I'm resigned to missing it if I must. I just hope I don't have to.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pre- LOST

Shannon had this post today. I left a comment that said this:

I too can't WAIT for tomorrow! As for who dies, I think...
1. Sayid
2. Sawyer
3. Bernard or Jin
4. Danielle
5. Kate (but not really. I think she may "appear dead" but certainly won't die. She and there ever-lovely Jack have a lot of lovin' left to do.) (and MAYBE Charlie too. And maybe Ben. I heard AT LEASE 5 so there could be more.)
I can't wait to see what happens, and what the "game changer" is!

I am SOOO excited for tomorrow! But sad too, b/c the wait will be long until it comes back.

Mostly, I am excited to see if Jack really tells Kate that he loves her. I just love them. They've had a great build up and romantic relationship since day one. I just LOVE how she was so tender with him when she was stitching him up in the pilot even though she was scared, but he helped calm her; and how they were coy and cute when he asked her name that first night on the beach. And then the HUG! *sigh* THAT really sold me on them. Do you remember that? When she thought he was dead and she ran over to where he was and was digging like a maniac to get him out of the cave-in. And then when he showed up, she about near knocked him over she was relieved to see him again and hugged him like he was he long-lost love home from war or something.

I love that they are flawed and that things aren't easy for them. I love that they are drawn to each other, but are afraid of being loved for who they really are, faults and all. That's why it was easy for Kate to be with Sawyer- it's easy. It's a choice I wouldn't have chosen for her, but she makes a lot of mistakes, and I think she does try to be better and make better choices, but her old self (who wants to run and is afraid of being loved) pokes through a lot. I think we're all like that. We're sinful, and yet we want to make better decisions, but don't always. Good thing we have a forgiving God!

Anyway, I just love Jack and Kate. I think they are destined to be together in TV-land-love, and I hope tomorrow shows something fun between them to tide me over until February or whenever it comes back. Plus, I know things will be crazy after tomorrow, so seeing that would make me much happier.

(Also, I have a secret fear- well dread- that she'll be preggers w/ Sawyer's baby and Sawyer will finally do something selfless and sacrifice himself for someone on the island and die, and after Jack and Kate become a couple- because she really doesn't love Sawyer, at least not how she loves Jack- Jack will raise the baby as if it were his own. Jack's like that. But, at the same time, it's stupid for someone to become pregnant at this point b/c w/ the whole time line there's no time for it to play out, so even for just that reason alone, I don't want it to happen.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Open letter

Dear ABC and Grey's Anatomy writers,

I am writing to let you know that you have lost this viewer from Grey's for, oh, say, forever. I am sick of being treated as if I have no brain or no morals by you and your supposed "writers". Your show, when it began, was fun. Your show now? Not so much fun. Let me lay out my qualms:

1. As a Christian, I can not endorse a show that GLORIFIES adultery. I simply can not. The George and Izzie plot line is disgusting and by trying to get us to sympathize with her is despicable. And you should be ashamed. George and Callie are married. Plain and simple. Alex SHOULD not have gone after Ava/Rebecca. Why? Because she is MARRIED. In an age wherein everyone and their mother thinks that marriage is something to just play games with, I would hope you could rise above that to be different. Instead, you are no different than any other network. And you're boring me. I will not participate in your adultery glorifying soap-box.

2. For anyone who watches the show, it makes no sense that Callie got the Chief Resident position over Bailey. Another stupid plot line. Enough said.

3. You have GOT to get rid of Meredith. She is a poor actress, and quite screechy whenever she tries to speak above a moderate tone. I have never seen a show where the main character is so unlikeable. She elicits no sympathy here. She is an adult and doesn't know how to behave like one. Plus, the writers for her are ridiculous. Her mother dies. Her step mother dies. Her father slaps her. And still, I don't care. I don't think most people do. Everyone else on the show is more engaging and more interesting.

4. Derek. Give me a break. As if HE is the mature one. His soap-box stand last night made me nearly roll my eyes out of my head. Yes, Meredith hasn't given two hoots about him lately. Yes, her sister flirted with him (I'll address that in a minute). Yes, their relationship is screwed up. Of course it is, THEY'RE BOTH CHILDREN! He has not shown himself to be the "normal" one, pretty much, ever. And then he all of a sudden decides to cast judgement on Meredith? Well, that part I actually get. He is a putz. But don't try to make me believe he's really in they're relationship for the long haul. He's in they're relationship because he wants to be today and he has something to hold over her head. Just like he did with Addison. He's such a joke. And NOT so very McDreamy, by the way. Also, given his character, he would NOT have given up the Chief of Surgery position. Like Bailey losing Chief Resident to Callie, another stupid plot line.

5. Meredith's sister is now the new intern? You've GOT to be kidding. You don't have an original idea? Plus? Ew.

6. Christina. Lucky for you, she was the only one who was great last night. She stayed true to herself and was dead-on for Christina. Too bad she was the only one.

I could go on, but I won't. Last night, and many nights before that, were not the same show that I fell in love with. They were a far lesser quality, with no plus or thought process to them. It was not different, it was not new. It was the same old, same old crap. This show has lost all intrigue for me. I doubt you care, since I am one lone person, but, alas, I thought you should know anyway.

a former Grey's viewer

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I may be in fangirl heaven....

OK, a few quick things about LOST tonight, and then on to the REAL DEAL.

A few thoughts about tonight.....

1. Interesting that there was no mention of Locke (aside from Ben's simple "he had an accident, which his faux-daughter didn't buy for a second). I think next week he'll pop up alive and crazy as ever.

2. I can't decide which side Juliet is on except her own. Was what she said about the Looking Glass a lie or what she was told by Ben? And if the latter, why did she believe him? Is she setting Charlie and Desmond up? I thought so, b/c to have Charlie go off like that towards impending doom, seem too simple. And when is that helicopter that Desmond saw coming? Soon? Will some people get off the island this season? How weird would that be?

3. I loved Jack tonight. He was right. He has been right. Drastic times call for drastic measures. And he's a good leader. Reluctant at times, but good. Rose and Sayid are good counselors to him. I like them too.

4. I yelled at the TV when I thought Charlie didn't leave his ring for Aaron. I cried when we saw he did.

ETA: I just thought of something. Maybe the freaky Dharma shark reappers next week since they've disturbed the Looking Glass? I'd HATE for Charlie to go that way. Same for Desmond. Gross.

ETA part deux: I always love this recap. It's fun. And don't forget to check out Shannon's LOST post w/ links to other LOST bloggers.

Now.... NEXT WEEK! Here, you'll see the US promo and the Canadian promo (and probably others spoilers, so look at your own risk. I don't want to know anything before next week that isn't in a commercial I'm so close and it'll just ruin it at this point). Yes, we get different promos. Usually CTV shows more stuff, but for next week that wasn't really the case.

What I LOVE is that the US promo shows what looks like Jack telling Kate he loves her. *sigh* (I hope it wasn't just fancy editing and he says it to someone else. That would tick me off royally.) I've been rooting for them since Day 1, and while I know nothing will be finalized and it'll surely be ambiguous, I've been waiting for this. My fangirl heart may explode with joy next week.

And then be promptly stepped on by The Powers That Be. They like to mess with us. Especially at season finales. Punks. Evangeline Lilly said in an interview that the "surprise" at the end even shocked her.

I can't wait to see what it is.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


*ah*. The day after LOST. It's always a refreshing feeling, since you finally know the "secrets" that the commercials leading up to that episode have spilled. But, then again, it's also a frustrating because you see the previews for next week and your head is spinning trying to figure out what is going on. But, alas, we only have three more years of this. hehe

1. Theme this week on LOST? Ben's as crazy as we thought.

That being said, I am still so intriqued by him. Seriously, WHAT is his deal? Is HE "special"? And since we're talking about it, what does "special" mean? (And since I'm still talking about it, what were the results of testing that they did on Walt?) But, back to Ben. Basically, he's crazy. Crazy with power. Crazy for answers about his mother. Crazy with revenge. Crazy with hatred for his father. Just crazy. BUT I did so love the boy who played little Ben. He was sweet. And cute. But oddly looked like grown-up Ben who is not sweet. Nor cute.

2. Speaking of little Ben, when he got himself out of the pile-on (sp?) and ran into that guy from
Suddenly Susan who I guess is named Richard. Except Ben is still little Ben and Suddenly Susan guy is not so little. So, I guess that's a big secret of the island! (Not meant to be read w/ sarcasism.) (Seriously.) They tried to mess with us for a second w/ his beard and all, but it was obviously him, and then he spoke and well, yeah, not so little and far to hairy was he. Was he right about what he said to Locke the episode before? Are the "natives" as they're called by the Darhma people (I like that Dharma had "Others" too!) looking for a "savior" of sorts? Is it Locke? Was Ben a decoy, or someone who paved the way for Locke, the real "savior"? My head is spinning again.

2. Locke demands to see Jacob and Ben finally takes him there, but, again, the crazy theme plays out as Locke doesn't see the man in the chair that Ben's rattling on to. Until Locke leaves. And uses his flashlight. Oops. Chaos enuses and the lot nearly die as things are flown around the room and broken glass swirls about. I skipped back the TiVo and wathed in slo-mo and did see a freaky profile who looks, to me, like Patchy, but it certainly isn't him, so who knows who it is. I think the writers/TPTB have said that we've never seen Jacob before, so he's not an "old" charater.

3. When Locke and Ben were about to walk in I was picturing Jabba the Hut, so I may be calling him Jabba from now on...... yeah, I thinkI will.

4. Is Jabba being held there against his will? Seems so. That's weird.

5. Back at camp, everyone was discussing what to do about Jack, when he and Juliet came up from out of the woods (off to get dynamite, maybe?). I've seen on message boards about people being pissed at Jack for acting all superior and all, but, people, THEY WANTED HIM TO LEAD. While they were spazzing, he and Juliet were coming up with what to do, so that SOMEONE could lead, and, you know, not let chaos reign there. I'm glad he did. And, unless proved wrong, I'm on Team Jack, because he's done a good job so far, and has been one of the only people to, well, not kill anyone. Well, that could change in the next few weeks, but, still, he's done a good job, and if he feels he needs to keep his plan close to the vest, that's fine. All good leaders need some room to, you know, lead.

6. I thought it was funny that a) the Losties all know now ath Jin was sterile before the crash (poor Jin!) and b) everyone looked guilty when Jack and Juliet came walking up, like they were in high school and got caught gossiping about their best friend.

7. I know I said last week that Locke was a goner, but I enter a caveat that if he is indeed the "savior" or whatever, this could be a "test" of some sort or Jabba will save him so he can fullfill whatever he needs to on the island. I still think Sawyer's a goner, and I don't think both of them will die in the span of just a few episodes, so we'll see what the finale brings.

8. Did you like that Ben was born "Not in Portland"? hehe. I love those writers. Also, I assume that bunny Ben shook at Sawyer was the same one he had as a kid? Since, age/death are apparently not something they worry about too much, I guess it probably is.

Well, that's it for now.
Shannon's posted about it, and has othere links here. *runs off to see what other people are thinking about this episode*

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My first contest!

Well, since I've just begun here (and on ones reading- hopefully that's not a permanent state of being, though), I want to settle in and get all beautified- her designs are GORGEOUS! So, I'm throwing my proverbial bloggy hat in Everyday Mommy's Mother's Day contest. I hope it's ok that I'm not a mom. Maybe I should ask her.

(I'd post the button, but I don't know how to. If someone- ANYONE- happens to read this and knows how to do it, let me know. Gracias!)

Again, if anyone stumles upon here- you should really sign up- she seems so fun and sweet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

*drops dead*


I say it again.


Read the 5th point under "what is it?"

I'll wait.


You mean to tell me that my fabric softener has- did you read it?- BEEF FAT in it? BEEF FAT!



I am not ok with this. Is it liquid softener that has it? Or, just dryer sheets? Both? What's in my liquid detergent that shouldn't be? Huh? This is so gross. I want to vomit. I starting an inquiry. And tearing off my clothes.
Ok, maybe not that last part. But still. WHAT????

Monday, May 7, 2007



Seeing the end date is sad. I love the show, and, don't get me wrong, but I always advocated an early exit so as to avoid the "dragging on" criticism that was bound to happen. Plus, I am a huge Jack and Kate fan and as long as they get together, I'm fine with any time line. But, then, on the other hand, I know a lot of people who are vehemently upset at the Sawyer/Kate pairing this year, so maybe the more spread out time line allows for Jack/Kate to build up more "naturally" (as if anything on TV is natural *rolls eyes*).

So, whatever. I just think it's sad to know the end date.

And, I find it obnoxious that it's 48 more episodes spread over 3 years (16 episodes/season for the mathly-challenged). I mean, why couldn't they just have done two seasons w/ 24 episodes each and just be done? Money, honey? Probably. I like that there'll be three more seasons, I just wish we weren't getting gypped in episodes. I'd rather they go out with a bang and a bit longer of a season instead of trying to milk it, which I feel is what they're doing.

And, while I'm on the subject that is LOST. Let me rattle on about last week.

1. Yes. I am a Kate fan. I don't for a second think she was nitwit by going to Jack with the info about Naomi. For a lot of reasons.

A) Jack has REPEATEDLY shown that he is a leader not just in that people want him to lead, but in that he truly has the best intentions for the Losties survival. So her showing that she still trusts him isn't moronic- it's sweet.

B) It shows that she really cares for him. And that it's hard for her. She trusts him above all others, and I think that was sorely overlooked. She trusts him with her life, and the lives of everyone else on the island. AND, for Kate, that's not something she's ever really done since she, well, blew up her dad and went on the lam.

2. I laughed at how many people are thinking that Jack is "brainwashed" or working for the Others. Again, he's always had the Losties best interest at heart and I think he's either playing Juliet, or he and Juliet are working together and she's some freaky triple-mole and Jack's totally in on whatever the Other's are planning (the attack to kidnap the pregnant women?). Whatever it is, I don't think he's sinister. Also, I think that The Powers That Be like to show us one thing with their right hand, while sneaking up behind us and freaking us out with the left. Whatever Jack and Juliet are up to can't be so obvious that we got it the first episode they not-so-subtlely-hinted at it with the simple "not yet" line.

3. I, along with the whole free world, knew that Locke's dad was the real Mr. Sawyer, but, WOW. That was one of THE MOST gruesome deaths I've ever seen (and heard!). Especially on prime time. Gross. All I can say is- shame on Locke for putting Sawyer in that place, and double shame on Sawyer for not rising above the pain and proving he's not what he's been shown to be the whole series.

Most (all? I can't think far enough back to Boone, and we never really got enough about Libby) people who've died on the show had the opportunity to "redeem" themselves. A few examples: Shannon- she needed to show that she could love w/o it be about material possessions and that someone could love her for who she is. She did that. And then she died. Mr. Eko- he needed to repent and ask for forgiveness from his brother and build a church. He did that. And then he died. (Ok, the church wasn't finished).

I say that because Sawyer needed to meet Mr. Sawyer and NOT kill him. That was what he needed to overcome. He couldn't do it. And so, I think he's a goner. After that vile display, I don't think he'll be around much longer.

I think Locke's a goner too, and he'll realize that he put to much faith in the island. Also, he needed to get over what happened with his dad, and I think he did. Albeit disgustingly.

4. Is the real Mr. Sawyer really dead? What about Patchy coming back alive or whatever he did? Do people really come back to life on that freaky island? Or is it just Others? Or, was he never dead? Or.... man, my head hurts now.

5. And, does Ben want Locke to see what could happen on the island and that dead people don't stay dead long? And is he sadistic enough to let little kids watch a murder b/c that scene at Other Summer Camp was weird.

6. I was glad to see Sayid. I like him. I also think he's not going to be around too long. His "thing" is to find Nadia and unless she shows up in the "box", I don't see how that will happen. So maybe killing him Libby-style will just shake things up a bit.

OK, enough about LOST for now. Besides another episode will be on in a couple days anyway. ;)