Friday, May 18, 2007

Open letter

Dear ABC and Grey's Anatomy writers,

I am writing to let you know that you have lost this viewer from Grey's for, oh, say, forever. I am sick of being treated as if I have no brain or no morals by you and your supposed "writers". Your show, when it began, was fun. Your show now? Not so much fun. Let me lay out my qualms:

1. As a Christian, I can not endorse a show that GLORIFIES adultery. I simply can not. The George and Izzie plot line is disgusting and by trying to get us to sympathize with her is despicable. And you should be ashamed. George and Callie are married. Plain and simple. Alex SHOULD not have gone after Ava/Rebecca. Why? Because she is MARRIED. In an age wherein everyone and their mother thinks that marriage is something to just play games with, I would hope you could rise above that to be different. Instead, you are no different than any other network. And you're boring me. I will not participate in your adultery glorifying soap-box.

2. For anyone who watches the show, it makes no sense that Callie got the Chief Resident position over Bailey. Another stupid plot line. Enough said.

3. You have GOT to get rid of Meredith. She is a poor actress, and quite screechy whenever she tries to speak above a moderate tone. I have never seen a show where the main character is so unlikeable. She elicits no sympathy here. She is an adult and doesn't know how to behave like one. Plus, the writers for her are ridiculous. Her mother dies. Her step mother dies. Her father slaps her. And still, I don't care. I don't think most people do. Everyone else on the show is more engaging and more interesting.

4. Derek. Give me a break. As if HE is the mature one. His soap-box stand last night made me nearly roll my eyes out of my head. Yes, Meredith hasn't given two hoots about him lately. Yes, her sister flirted with him (I'll address that in a minute). Yes, their relationship is screwed up. Of course it is, THEY'RE BOTH CHILDREN! He has not shown himself to be the "normal" one, pretty much, ever. And then he all of a sudden decides to cast judgement on Meredith? Well, that part I actually get. He is a putz. But don't try to make me believe he's really in they're relationship for the long haul. He's in they're relationship because he wants to be today and he has something to hold over her head. Just like he did with Addison. He's such a joke. And NOT so very McDreamy, by the way. Also, given his character, he would NOT have given up the Chief of Surgery position. Like Bailey losing Chief Resident to Callie, another stupid plot line.

5. Meredith's sister is now the new intern? You've GOT to be kidding. You don't have an original idea? Plus? Ew.

6. Christina. Lucky for you, she was the only one who was great last night. She stayed true to herself and was dead-on for Christina. Too bad she was the only one.

I could go on, but I won't. Last night, and many nights before that, were not the same show that I fell in love with. They were a far lesser quality, with no plus or thought process to them. It was not different, it was not new. It was the same old, same old crap. This show has lost all intrigue for me. I doubt you care, since I am one lone person, but, alas, I thought you should know anyway.

a former Grey's viewer

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Jodi Jean said...

i actually miss them acting like doctors instead of just all the drama. hmmm...