Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pre- LOST

Shannon had this post today. I left a comment that said this:

I too can't WAIT for tomorrow! As for who dies, I think...
1. Sayid
2. Sawyer
3. Bernard or Jin
4. Danielle
5. Kate (but not really. I think she may "appear dead" but certainly won't die. She and there ever-lovely Jack have a lot of lovin' left to do.) (and MAYBE Charlie too. And maybe Ben. I heard AT LEASE 5 so there could be more.)
I can't wait to see what happens, and what the "game changer" is!

I am SOOO excited for tomorrow! But sad too, b/c the wait will be long until it comes back.

Mostly, I am excited to see if Jack really tells Kate that he loves her. I just love them. They've had a great build up and romantic relationship since day one. I just LOVE how she was so tender with him when she was stitching him up in the pilot even though she was scared, but he helped calm her; and how they were coy and cute when he asked her name that first night on the beach. And then the HUG! *sigh* THAT really sold me on them. Do you remember that? When she thought he was dead and she ran over to where he was and was digging like a maniac to get him out of the cave-in. And then when he showed up, she about near knocked him over she was relieved to see him again and hugged him like he was he long-lost love home from war or something.

I love that they are flawed and that things aren't easy for them. I love that they are drawn to each other, but are afraid of being loved for who they really are, faults and all. That's why it was easy for Kate to be with Sawyer- it's easy. It's a choice I wouldn't have chosen for her, but she makes a lot of mistakes, and I think she does try to be better and make better choices, but her old self (who wants to run and is afraid of being loved) pokes through a lot. I think we're all like that. We're sinful, and yet we want to make better decisions, but don't always. Good thing we have a forgiving God!

Anyway, I just love Jack and Kate. I think they are destined to be together in TV-land-love, and I hope tomorrow shows something fun between them to tide me over until February or whenever it comes back. Plus, I know things will be crazy after tomorrow, so seeing that would make me much happier.

(Also, I have a secret fear- well dread- that she'll be preggers w/ Sawyer's baby and Sawyer will finally do something selfless and sacrifice himself for someone on the island and die, and after Jack and Kate become a couple- because she really doesn't love Sawyer, at least not how she loves Jack- Jack will raise the baby as if it were his own. Jack's like that. But, at the same time, it's stupid for someone to become pregnant at this point b/c w/ the whole time line there's no time for it to play out, so even for just that reason alone, I don't want it to happen.)

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