Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I may be in fangirl heaven....

OK, a few quick things about LOST tonight, and then on to the REAL DEAL.

A few thoughts about tonight.....

1. Interesting that there was no mention of Locke (aside from Ben's simple "he had an accident, which his faux-daughter didn't buy for a second). I think next week he'll pop up alive and crazy as ever.

2. I can't decide which side Juliet is on except her own. Was what she said about the Looking Glass a lie or what she was told by Ben? And if the latter, why did she believe him? Is she setting Charlie and Desmond up? I thought so, b/c to have Charlie go off like that towards impending doom, seem too simple. And when is that helicopter that Desmond saw coming? Soon? Will some people get off the island this season? How weird would that be?

3. I loved Jack tonight. He was right. He has been right. Drastic times call for drastic measures. And he's a good leader. Reluctant at times, but good. Rose and Sayid are good counselors to him. I like them too.

4. I yelled at the TV when I thought Charlie didn't leave his ring for Aaron. I cried when we saw he did.

ETA: I just thought of something. Maybe the freaky Dharma shark reappers next week since they've disturbed the Looking Glass? I'd HATE for Charlie to go that way. Same for Desmond. Gross.

ETA part deux: I always love this recap. It's fun. And don't forget to check out Shannon's LOST post w/ links to other LOST bloggers.

Now.... NEXT WEEK! Here, you'll see the US promo and the Canadian promo (and probably others spoilers, so look at your own risk. I don't want to know anything before next week that isn't in a commercial I'm so close and it'll just ruin it at this point). Yes, we get different promos. Usually CTV shows more stuff, but for next week that wasn't really the case.

What I LOVE is that the US promo shows what looks like Jack telling Kate he loves her. *sigh* (I hope it wasn't just fancy editing and he says it to someone else. That would tick me off royally.) I've been rooting for them since Day 1, and while I know nothing will be finalized and it'll surely be ambiguous, I've been waiting for this. My fangirl heart may explode with joy next week.

And then be promptly stepped on by The Powers That Be. They like to mess with us. Especially at season finales. Punks. Evangeline Lilly said in an interview that the "surprise" at the end even shocked her.

I can't wait to see what it is.

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Amanda said...

oh,I didn't read your spoilers about next week. I just can't. I have to see it clean...