Friday, August 31, 2007


My new dream is to have something to put on this site someday.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's here!

This weekend, I am going (praise Jesus!) to the Great Minnesota Get Together. It. Is. Divine. I can't wait for the food! And, I enjoy the free stuff. The good free stuff, mind you, not the crap free stuff. That's just crap and no one needs more crap. But, alas, more crap they (the evil fair crap givers) giveaway each year. Whatever. Anyway, I perused the free things booklet online, and have a few questions and a couple tips:

1. Is this a real fan, or are they leaning towards "energy wise fans" being of the handheld variety? I'm think the latter, and I'm not amused, Great River Energy.

2. Can get a Jack Bauer poster here? Or even a Wentworth Miller, er, Prison Break poster? Pretty please? Not that I need something like that, and certainly wouldn't put it up- but it's a funny thing to have and could be a great joke at work. Add it to the list of places to check out.

3. If you're smart, you plan ahead at the fair. Example: Go here when you're thirsty. Then go here to fill up your new find (and possibly not keep said new water bottle. It's just crap. Crap that, for the day is serving a purpose, but will no longer do so at home. It'll be crap taking up space then. Maybe donate it so you're not throwing it away, but seriously. GET RID OF IT.). By the by, news places crack me up. Which leads me to tip #4.

4. Sometime, in a separate blog, I shall introduce you to my arch nemesis. But, for now, suffice it to say that some news stations here take their personality- well, just one- way too seriously and puff him just a smidge. 'nuff said. For now.

5. Seriously, a Medica temporary tattoo? Really? Really?

6. This? A God-send at the Fair (yes, it can be called just the Fair and it is proper to capitalize it).

7. How random is lipbalm? From a university no less?

It's weird, it's greasy, it's a bit smelly, and it's wonderful I just can't wait.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I've never participated in a Works For Me Wednesday, and probably never had any intentions to, but as I was completing my nightly ritual last night, I was reminded of something that DOES "work for me".

I'm a night showerer and afterwards I have always put a little lotion on my feet (I read somewhere recently- probably Real Simple- that it's good for your feet and circulation to give yourself a little foot massage w/ lotion at the end of the day- I know I always like it!) and elbows and put some socks on (at least for a while- in the summer it's too stinkin' warm to wear socks for long, plus I hate sleeping in socks anytime of the year). I've never had gross feet or even really dry feet, but in the summer I wear only flip-flops and my feet get a little dry and rough.

That was until I met this lotion (I use the Shea Butter one). Never in my life have I had softer skin and not even the slightest hint of dryness or roughness (is that a word?) on- nay even near- my feet. I use it all over and find it even a bit repairing like this lotion, which if you live in a cold weather state you MUST own- it heals all sorts of wind-chapped hands. Also, it (the 1st lotion) is very light and goes far. It's not greasy and it makes you feel all silky and smooth. I just like touching my feet after the lotion's on- they're so nice!

Anyway, it works for me! :)

How was that for my first time? Should I do commercials or what?

P.S. I actually just found the link to the Real Simple article that talks about massaging your feet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Since I'm new to blogging, I guess I don't know "the rules" all that well. Yesterday night I was checking the blogs I frequent and saw a picture on one of the blogs I love. I've been lurking for a year there and not commenting (oops! mistake #1) and have come to love what this sweet woman has to say about her family. When I started reading, she was pregnant and I think that's what made me stay. I'm a sucker for pregnant women. I want to know that everything is ok, what they have, what they name their baby, and how they adjust. I love kids, and the nanny in me loves to see babies and how the family adjusts (I LOVE babies!). Plus, this mom has a sweet spirit and I've enjoyed reading about her sweet family.

Well, back to yesterday, I saw a picture on her blog and clicked on it b/c I was a bit concerned at first. I could see the logo of her son's private school uniform shirt. And, it made me nervous. Heck, ya'll don't even know my name b/c it's so rare that if I told you, and since you know I live in Minneapolis (b/c I just told you) you'd EASILY be able to find where I work at a minimum and probably even much more. SO, I keep it at Olive, which is a nickname (and my grandmother's name) so someone doesn't find me and who knows what. Plus, I'm a small, single girl with no husband (I knew that college degree would come in handy single=no husband, now I get it!), and no father to protect me, so I need to be careful. If I knew how, I'd put up a picture of me, but it wouldn't have any identifying markers, so again, I couldn't be found.

ANYway, I posted a comment to this woman to let her know (her email wasn't listed) and she removed the picture and I think even ALL pictures, though I didn't poke around her blog, I just thought I remembered a few other pictures lately, but I could be wrong. But, I haven't heard from her yet, nor has her posted anything today, so in my paranoid state, I feel like I've offended her or freaked her out. I hope not. I would hate for her to be upset about this, or for even posting the picture in the first place, or mad at me for butting in on her blog. I think she does a great job protecting her family's identity, and this was just a small thing, and it was luckily caught.

I guess I just need to be more careful of what I comment and to whom I comment. BUT, I will pray about the situation and for her. I hope someday she knows I was just trying to be helpful, but she may never (b/c of the aforementioned lack of email), and I will no longer butt in where I'm apparently not wanted/needed.

Live and learn, I guess.


Maybe it's me, but do the TV people think we're stupid?

Why is it that EVERY STINKIN' TIME someone on TV gets a phone call with bad news, they HAVE to say (while looking utterly confused, almost as if they'd never even seen their cell phone before) "Wait, slow down. You're. I. I. I can't understand you. You're talking too fast. Now, slow down. What's wrong?"


Have you ever got a call like that? Why is that EVERYONE in TV land gets the same call, from the same Micro-Machine talking crazy that can't just, you know, ACTUALLY SAY WHAT HAPPENED.

TV people: we know, from the poorly timed phone call in the middle of their most happy moment, or the eerie music looming, or even the wistful way they're remembering the friend/family member who's about to get in an accident, that the news is coming. And, guess what? You're not in any way being original. You're just replaying the same lame scene over and over again.

Ok, that was several questions. But, in my experience, bad calls start with "ok, everyone's ok, but...(yada, yada, yada)", or "something happened.... (yada, yada, yada)" or even "mom? (that's me saying "mom?")... I got hit by a car (trying to stifle tears, but not in ANYWAY speaking auctioneer style)" [side note- that last one was totally real- and from two springs ago]. But, in my admittedly limited experience with "bad" phone calls, they're not all the frantic, hysterical, I-can't-breathe-but-I-have-to-tell-you-something kind of news. Yes, those calls exist, but that's the ONLY kind of important/bad-news calls TV people get?

It's just like how EVERYONE in TV land has twins.

Funny how that works, huh?

Monday, August 20, 2007

I am sick.


Hi. My name is Olive and I'm a shopaholic.

What's that you say? Shop for what?

Oh, well, anything. Let's be honest. I'd shop for more stores to shop in if I could. Heh. Wait. I think I have. I LOVE to shop. I simply, truly, undeniable love it. The hunt. The find. Oh, the find! And a sale? Are you kidding me???? It's my crack. I got a good taste when I was younger and it was good; I was instantly hooked. Now, I'm a full-blown addict. I can't help myself.

"Tomorrow, I promise to stop."

Yeah, heard that one before. The seduction of another, beautiful sale inevitably lures me in with its addictive cracky-ness. That sick, black-magic woman and her schemes to find nice, vintage Pyrex a good home. Why, Goodwill, why??!! You're price-points are clearly rooted in some sort of devilish, crack-filled schemes. And I fall for it every time.

I fall victim to my crack addiction every time. Rescue vintage dinnerware, certain for a fate of someone who won't love it as well as me? Oh, no, I couldn't do that to it. I'll volunteer to rescue it. Milk glass? Bring it on! Vintage fabric? That's the mother-lode. It's my meth.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

That's me. And, I'm ok with it.

Well, at least mostly.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I did on my summer "vacation"

I'm sorry I've not been very good at this blogging thing. I just get so busy (which is weird b/c I'm single, don't own my own home, and frankly, don't work all that much) that by the time I get home, I can't think of a thing to post. BUT I have been busy somehow. AND I have a few fun links for ya'll.


1. Ashwin is having a contest to win $2500. Obviously the odds of winning aren't great, but I guess someone has to right? Enter here.

2. 5 Minutes for Mom (I hope I can count since I'm not a mom) is hosting a contest for a giant flat screen tv. YAY! Who doesn't want one of those?

Now onto me:

First of all, about 6 weeks ago I cut off 13" of my hair (and forgot to take a picture). It's the 2nd time I've done that and then donated to Locks of Love. A friend did it, and I said she could do whatever she wanted as long as it's short and fun. Boy did she deliver. The longest layer was about 1-1/2" below my ears (now closer to 2"- my hair grows fast!) and there's a lot of layers and side bangs too. I can do anything with it! I love my hair (despite the tendency to frizzy-ness, but I've learned to just live with it)- it's very malleable. I can flip it all out and it's fun and spiky, I can turn it all under and it looks like a bob, I can straighten it can it's looks all Vogue-like and hip, I can turn out the bottom, and turn under the top (which I do most days) and it's got a lot of bounce and body and I get lots of compliments. It's a fun hair cut.

I'm STILL looking for a new job. I hate that I'm still looking. Granted, I don't put as much time as I could into looking, but that's because I'm discouraged and getting tired and weary of waiting for whatever God has next for me. And I'm trying to not be "waiting" and be able to live in the moment. I know He is good, and has me where I'm at for a reason. I just want to be doing something else now and wish it were God's timing too.

My baby sister turns 18 on Thursday. *tear* And she and my mom are going skydiving on Thursday. I don't have that desire, so I'll be videotaping it. I'm not really looking forward to the whole event. I am, however, looking for something really great to give her as a "you're an adult now" gift. And something she'll be able to keep forever. Jewelry maybe? Any ideas?

Also, something really great is about to happen. It happens every year and it's WONDERFUL! Yes, it's a bit smelly. Yes, it's crowded. Yes, the essence of gluttony and overindulgence (not to mention wastefulness). But oh my. Any true Minnesotan has to be a fan of the Great Minnesota Get Together. The food, oh the food! The food finder on-line even has a category for "on-a-stick"! An seriously, the foods on a stick will blow your mind. Who thinks of some of these things? Since I don't eat much meat, my guilty pleasure (because you have to have at least one thing on a stick while there) is cheese on a stick. It's so awful for you, but I say once a year its ok to have one. And then there's the mini-donuts. Oh, the mini-donuts! Sinful little balls of dough, cinnamon and sugar, and fat. Delectable. And, in talking to people in other states (and visiting other fairs) no one else seems to have mini-donuts! And, no, it's not like a funnel cake, they're WAY better. If you go to a fair in MN (not just the Great MN Get Together) you'll find mini-donuts and you have to get them at least once in a summer. I wait until the State Fair to get mine. Oh, and then. I mean, seriously, give me a break. Sweet Martha's cookies are UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE. If you go and don't get them, well, then, I don't even want to know you. Just kidding. Except not really. ;) And, if you are in town during the Fair, let me know if you need a partner to show you around! I LOVE the fair!

I have fallen in LOVE with a new messenger bag. I saw one at the airport when I was dropping someone off recently and was instantly smitten. I have been looking for a fun (and durable!) messenger bag for a long time. I've decided that what I want is really two bags. One leather and one in fun colors. Well, stop the search party! The fun colored one has been located! Hallelujah! [Side note: I actually found a leather one at a thrift store this spring (for like $15 too!) and I passed on it b/c I figured that I didn't really need it (which is probably true) so I left and then the next day after kicking myself the whole night, went back and of course it was gone. It was beautiful. Perfect strap depth, nice, dark brown leather, a little worn so it looked used and loved, but not too much so it wasn't useful anymore, and a good metal clasp. I still mourn that bag.] Enter Timbuk2 and the colored messenger bag. There's so much to choose from that I can't even decided what to get. Obviously, I'm going to build my own. And I'm pretty sure I'm going with the classic messenger bag and not the laptop bag, in a small. But, I want to see if I can see some fabric samples b/c I know the colors won't look the same in real life. I've seen the burnt orange and it's much more rusty in real life and the olive isn't as brown as it looks on-line. I want to know if the slate is as bright as it looks on-line. I really think I want to use the burnt orange, I just can't think what else to use it with. Any ideas?

Well, I could write more, but this is long enough. :) Back soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

God's Sovereignty

I got this email tonight from my executive director at work. I've edited the names and such so as to protect people's privacy. I also took out where I work. I work for a non-profit. If you are curious as to the name, I'm more than happy to tell you, I just think it's weird putting it out there for those creepy people wandering about (can you wander in cyberspace?).

"We are thanking God on several fronts for His awesome protection during the bridge collapse on Interstate 35 yesterday. This bridge is located just ¼ mile from our main center and is traveled hundreds of times by many of our students and staff as the main route to the Northeast metro area. I have heard almost a dozen stories from employees and students who were on this bridge just minutes before it went down. I want to share three of the most powerful miracles.

First, "Susie" our admissions supervisor told me in tears how at 6:00 last night she was ready to enter the I-35 Bridge over the Mississippi. The Holy Spirit spoke to her very abruptly to turn off the freeway and go a different way home. She obeyed the Holy Spirit arguing with him all the way. Since she takes this same route every day and her commute home takes almost an hour, detouring from the freeway and not crossing over the bridge didn't make sense. Shortly after she detoured from I-35, the bridge went down. "Susie" most likely would have been on that bridge.

The second testimony was told to me by dozens of our students. Every Wednesday night for the past 3 years our buses and vans are loaded and a caravan of vehicles transport our men over the I-35 Bridge to a local church. They leave our buildings at 6:00 and cross over the bridge at approximately 6:10. As the caravan of vehicles left the building, a staff who normally drives the bus stayed back with a group of sick students. He called one of the drivers to say that it might be best if "just tonight" they didn't go over the freeway bridge and instead took an alternative route. When the students arrived at the church and heard what had happened, the vast majority got on their knees and wept.

Lastly, my daughter (our executive director's daughter) who works at the University of Minnesota and is on that bridge every night at around 6:10 p.m. just happened to ask for the day off of work. She also could have been on this bridge.

Right now they say that over 50 cars are lying near or under the bridge on the bottom of the Mississippi River. They believe that most of these vehicles have fatalities. Thank God for His divine protection! Please pray for our city! Yesterday we had our Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and members of the Minneapolis City Council at chapel. It was a powerful time and at the end we prayed together for our city and for God's wisdom on our leaders and law enforcement. Little did we know that just hours later our city would experience the greatest catastrophe in Minnesota's history. Please keep us in prayer."

WOW. God's sovereignty is AMAZING. Why does my flesh want to rely on it's self so often? He is able to more than I can even imagine and yet I continually disobey him. Forgive me Lord.

Thank you Lord for your grace and protection of my co-workers. Thank you for the safety of those who were rescued from the wreckage and please comfort those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a way to bring me back...

I'm sorry I've been gone so long- this has been a busy summer! I promise to blog soon (tomorrow) about all that's going on in my life, but, please, pray from my city and those therein.

I'm sure by now you've heard of the bridge collapse on 35W. Currently, the city is in shock, and minor chaos. Night has fallen, so that brings an erie calm to things as it's harder to see the rescue workers pulling out cars and, sadly, bodies. They're telling us to stay off our cell phones (which is hard when people want to check on you and you them), they've called most fire/police departments in the surrounding suburbs in to help. Internet service is slow as well.

35 is a MAJOR highway here and the re-routing will be hard and congested for a long time to come. The thought that that piece of roadway is no longer there is unbelievable to me.

But, more than that, is that many people -they're currently reporting 6- have died (and many more are injured). I assume that number will rise as they see the scope of who fell into the Mississippi and drowned. I cannot imagine what they and their families are going through, so, please pray for them and my city as we go through this.

On a personal note, I am fine and so is everyone I know. I work about 2 miles from there at a large Christian non-profit and am praying that everyone with work with and for is safe. I was about 3 miles from the bridge collapse when it happened eating dinner with co-workers. Thankfully, I do not travel that route too often (way too congested usually), and had no need today to go that way. I am back at home now (about 12 miles from the scene of the accident) so I am definitely safe.

I will update as/if needed of more prayer requests.