Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Post- LOST

All I can say is wow.

Ok, that's a lie. I can always say more. I'd like to see a day when I truly can't. Well, the weather subsided and we saw LOST uninterrupted. Thankfully.

But about the show- WOW. Seriously, WOW.

- HOW far into the future was that last scene? A few months? A year?
- Does Jack really need to go back to the island?
- Can he only get back if Kate's with him on the plane?
- Who was in the coffin? Sawyer? Ben?
- Did everyone get off the island?
- Who did Kate need to get back to? Sawyer? Her child?
- What happened between Jack and Kate? Why was she so put off by him?
- Will Jack get a chance to change the future?
- Was the future the future? Or is it the present and the island is the past? Which one are we now in?
- Are they now off the island until they go back?
- Who are the people on the boat?
- Who was/is Naomi?
- Where was Penny?
- Why didn't Charlie just swim out of the porthole since he knew Naomi lied?
- What did Walt tell Locke?
- Why can't Patchy seem to die?
- Is he dead for real this time?
- Was Kate pardoned? It didn't seem like she was running.

I have a lot more questions, and some theories to answer these questions, but I have an important interview early so I should just go to bed. I'm sure Shannon will blog about the show soon. I'll try and link to her post at work if I get a chance tomorrow. So, what did ya'll think about the episode?

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Abby said...

a week without a post? you gotta keep going! it just takes a while for people to get to know you and then the comments start coming. i'm sure people are reading and checking in! you know they just love to lurk! it feels weird to be "under the microscope" doesn't it? well, maybe you're just busy. just wanted to put in an encouraging word. sometimes i am so embarrassed of my blog i nearly delete the whole thing. really. and then someone says "hey, i just loved your post about such and such" and i feel like maybe i'll write just one more post! so please ma'am, could i have some more? (that's my british accent in case brit is not who you are but what you are?) i'm so confused about this change in identities!