Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here we go again....

For the season 2 premiere of LOST we had major storms, and before the show was about to begin the news channel said they'd play LOST on their sister channel, so my mom and I switched over (who I watch LOST w/ most weeks), and yes, it did come on. But, that was when we first saw Desmond in the hatch and we had no idea what the heck was going on. It was very confusing. Half way through, they ran a little scrolling news tag that said they'd switch back to the regular channel at the next commercial. It was weird. The storms were bad and luckily we never lost power, but many did, and lots of schools were cancelled the next day b/c they couldn't get power back yet, and there were trees and branches all over.

Then, last year for the finale, there were more storms- nothing even remotely serious this time, but we were nervous.

Today, while I was driving home from work, it was raining and the sirens were sounding. Strange for the middle of the day, I thought. Then, between the buildings of beautiful downtown Minneapolis, I was positive I saw "swirling" which is code for "take cover". I called my mom, and she had lots of branches down, some fascia down on the house and a neighbor lost a HUGE tree. They don't know if it was a tornado (I doubt it- it'd have been just barely one if it was) but now they're calling it a "micro-burst". There were reports of two construction trailers being turned over on a highway nearby, and by her house the roads are covered by hail and trees and branches.

Now, so far everyone's ok. And, sadly, we're just worried that LOST will be messed with again! How silly is that? It's just a TV show, but we love it, and for the finale, we have a little party w/ friends, and I'd hate for it to ruined. But, there are things far more important in the world and in my life, so I'm resigned to missing it if I must. I just hope I don't have to.


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