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Seeing the end date is sad. I love the show, and, don't get me wrong, but I always advocated an early exit so as to avoid the "dragging on" criticism that was bound to happen. Plus, I am a huge Jack and Kate fan and as long as they get together, I'm fine with any time line. But, then, on the other hand, I know a lot of people who are vehemently upset at the Sawyer/Kate pairing this year, so maybe the more spread out time line allows for Jack/Kate to build up more "naturally" (as if anything on TV is natural *rolls eyes*).

So, whatever. I just think it's sad to know the end date.

And, I find it obnoxious that it's 48 more episodes spread over 3 years (16 episodes/season for the mathly-challenged). I mean, why couldn't they just have done two seasons w/ 24 episodes each and just be done? Money, honey? Probably. I like that there'll be three more seasons, I just wish we weren't getting gypped in episodes. I'd rather they go out with a bang and a bit longer of a season instead of trying to milk it, which I feel is what they're doing.

And, while I'm on the subject that is LOST. Let me rattle on about last week.

1. Yes. I am a Kate fan. I don't for a second think she was nitwit by going to Jack with the info about Naomi. For a lot of reasons.

A) Jack has REPEATEDLY shown that he is a leader not just in that people want him to lead, but in that he truly has the best intentions for the Losties survival. So her showing that she still trusts him isn't moronic- it's sweet.

B) It shows that she really cares for him. And that it's hard for her. She trusts him above all others, and I think that was sorely overlooked. She trusts him with her life, and the lives of everyone else on the island. AND, for Kate, that's not something she's ever really done since she, well, blew up her dad and went on the lam.

2. I laughed at how many people are thinking that Jack is "brainwashed" or working for the Others. Again, he's always had the Losties best interest at heart and I think he's either playing Juliet, or he and Juliet are working together and she's some freaky triple-mole and Jack's totally in on whatever the Other's are planning (the attack to kidnap the pregnant women?). Whatever it is, I don't think he's sinister. Also, I think that The Powers That Be like to show us one thing with their right hand, while sneaking up behind us and freaking us out with the left. Whatever Jack and Juliet are up to can't be so obvious that we got it the first episode they not-so-subtlely-hinted at it with the simple "not yet" line.

3. I, along with the whole free world, knew that Locke's dad was the real Mr. Sawyer, but, WOW. That was one of THE MOST gruesome deaths I've ever seen (and heard!). Especially on prime time. Gross. All I can say is- shame on Locke for putting Sawyer in that place, and double shame on Sawyer for not rising above the pain and proving he's not what he's been shown to be the whole series.

Most (all? I can't think far enough back to Boone, and we never really got enough about Libby) people who've died on the show had the opportunity to "redeem" themselves. A few examples: Shannon- she needed to show that she could love w/o it be about material possessions and that someone could love her for who she is. She did that. And then she died. Mr. Eko- he needed to repent and ask for forgiveness from his brother and build a church. He did that. And then he died. (Ok, the church wasn't finished).

I say that because Sawyer needed to meet Mr. Sawyer and NOT kill him. That was what he needed to overcome. He couldn't do it. And so, I think he's a goner. After that vile display, I don't think he'll be around much longer.

I think Locke's a goner too, and he'll realize that he put to much faith in the island. Also, he needed to get over what happened with his dad, and I think he did. Albeit disgustingly.

4. Is the real Mr. Sawyer really dead? What about Patchy coming back alive or whatever he did? Do people really come back to life on that freaky island? Or is it just Others? Or, was he never dead? Or.... man, my head hurts now.

5. And, does Ben want Locke to see what could happen on the island and that dead people don't stay dead long? And is he sadistic enough to let little kids watch a murder b/c that scene at Other Summer Camp was weird.

6. I was glad to see Sayid. I like him. I also think he's not going to be around too long. His "thing" is to find Nadia and unless she shows up in the "box", I don't see how that will happen. So maybe killing him Libby-style will just shake things up a bit.

OK, enough about LOST for now. Besides another episode will be on in a couple days anyway. ;)

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