Thursday, May 10, 2007


*ah*. The day after LOST. It's always a refreshing feeling, since you finally know the "secrets" that the commercials leading up to that episode have spilled. But, then again, it's also a frustrating because you see the previews for next week and your head is spinning trying to figure out what is going on. But, alas, we only have three more years of this. hehe

1. Theme this week on LOST? Ben's as crazy as we thought.

That being said, I am still so intriqued by him. Seriously, WHAT is his deal? Is HE "special"? And since we're talking about it, what does "special" mean? (And since I'm still talking about it, what were the results of testing that they did on Walt?) But, back to Ben. Basically, he's crazy. Crazy with power. Crazy for answers about his mother. Crazy with revenge. Crazy with hatred for his father. Just crazy. BUT I did so love the boy who played little Ben. He was sweet. And cute. But oddly looked like grown-up Ben who is not sweet. Nor cute.

2. Speaking of little Ben, when he got himself out of the pile-on (sp?) and ran into that guy from
Suddenly Susan who I guess is named Richard. Except Ben is still little Ben and Suddenly Susan guy is not so little. So, I guess that's a big secret of the island! (Not meant to be read w/ sarcasism.) (Seriously.) They tried to mess with us for a second w/ his beard and all, but it was obviously him, and then he spoke and well, yeah, not so little and far to hairy was he. Was he right about what he said to Locke the episode before? Are the "natives" as they're called by the Darhma people (I like that Dharma had "Others" too!) looking for a "savior" of sorts? Is it Locke? Was Ben a decoy, or someone who paved the way for Locke, the real "savior"? My head is spinning again.

2. Locke demands to see Jacob and Ben finally takes him there, but, again, the crazy theme plays out as Locke doesn't see the man in the chair that Ben's rattling on to. Until Locke leaves. And uses his flashlight. Oops. Chaos enuses and the lot nearly die as things are flown around the room and broken glass swirls about. I skipped back the TiVo and wathed in slo-mo and did see a freaky profile who looks, to me, like Patchy, but it certainly isn't him, so who knows who it is. I think the writers/TPTB have said that we've never seen Jacob before, so he's not an "old" charater.

3. When Locke and Ben were about to walk in I was picturing Jabba the Hut, so I may be calling him Jabba from now on...... yeah, I thinkI will.

4. Is Jabba being held there against his will? Seems so. That's weird.

5. Back at camp, everyone was discussing what to do about Jack, when he and Juliet came up from out of the woods (off to get dynamite, maybe?). I've seen on message boards about people being pissed at Jack for acting all superior and all, but, people, THEY WANTED HIM TO LEAD. While they were spazzing, he and Juliet were coming up with what to do, so that SOMEONE could lead, and, you know, not let chaos reign there. I'm glad he did. And, unless proved wrong, I'm on Team Jack, because he's done a good job so far, and has been one of the only people to, well, not kill anyone. Well, that could change in the next few weeks, but, still, he's done a good job, and if he feels he needs to keep his plan close to the vest, that's fine. All good leaders need some room to, you know, lead.

6. I thought it was funny that a) the Losties all know now ath Jin was sterile before the crash (poor Jin!) and b) everyone looked guilty when Jack and Juliet came walking up, like they were in high school and got caught gossiping about their best friend.

7. I know I said last week that Locke was a goner, but I enter a caveat that if he is indeed the "savior" or whatever, this could be a "test" of some sort or Jabba will save him so he can fullfill whatever he needs to on the island. I still think Sawyer's a goner, and I don't think both of them will die in the span of just a few episodes, so we'll see what the finale brings.

8. Did you like that Ben was born "Not in Portland"? hehe. I love those writers. Also, I assume that bunny Ben shook at Sawyer was the same one he had as a kid? Since, age/death are apparently not something they worry about too much, I guess it probably is.

Well, that's it for now.
Shannon's posted about it, and has othere links here. *runs off to see what other people are thinking about this episode*


Leigh said...

Great recap! In all of my internet searchings yesterday, I found a website for TV Guide (I tried to link to it, but for some reason I can't get the link to work in the comments. I am not so good at this computer stuff.) Anyway, it was talking about the season finale episodes for all of the shows coming up, and when it got to "Lost" it said something about a "changed Loche" showing up. So, I'm assuming that he is alive, right? I really think that Loche is too central to the story for him to die right now.

Amanda said...

I agree with you about the Hostiles/Others needing Ben for something. I think they have some kind of supernatural connection with the island that makes them immortal (at some level) and they needed Ben (or anyone) to help them do something. But what?

BUT I WILL NOT BE ON TEAM JACK. He and Juliet just get on my last nerve.

Loved your recap! Here's mine.