Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I've never participated in a Works For Me Wednesday, and probably never had any intentions to, but as I was completing my nightly ritual last night, I was reminded of something that DOES "work for me".

I'm a night showerer and afterwards I have always put a little lotion on my feet (I read somewhere recently- probably Real Simple- that it's good for your feet and circulation to give yourself a little foot massage w/ lotion at the end of the day- I know I always like it!) and elbows and put some socks on (at least for a while- in the summer it's too stinkin' warm to wear socks for long, plus I hate sleeping in socks anytime of the year). I've never had gross feet or even really dry feet, but in the summer I wear only flip-flops and my feet get a little dry and rough.

That was until I met this lotion (I use the Shea Butter one). Never in my life have I had softer skin and not even the slightest hint of dryness or roughness (is that a word?) on- nay even near- my feet. I use it all over and find it even a bit repairing like this lotion, which if you live in a cold weather state you MUST own- it heals all sorts of wind-chapped hands. Also, it (the 1st lotion) is very light and goes far. It's not greasy and it makes you feel all silky and smooth. I just like touching my feet after the lotion's on- they're so nice!

Anyway, it works for me! :)

How was that for my first time? Should I do commercials or what?

P.S. I actually just found the link to the Real Simple article that talks about massaging your feet.

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Mommy said...

Haha! Great job!