Thursday, August 2, 2007

God's Sovereignty

I got this email tonight from my executive director at work. I've edited the names and such so as to protect people's privacy. I also took out where I work. I work for a non-profit. If you are curious as to the name, I'm more than happy to tell you, I just think it's weird putting it out there for those creepy people wandering about (can you wander in cyberspace?).

"We are thanking God on several fronts for His awesome protection during the bridge collapse on Interstate 35 yesterday. This bridge is located just ¼ mile from our main center and is traveled hundreds of times by many of our students and staff as the main route to the Northeast metro area. I have heard almost a dozen stories from employees and students who were on this bridge just minutes before it went down. I want to share three of the most powerful miracles.

First, "Susie" our admissions supervisor told me in tears how at 6:00 last night she was ready to enter the I-35 Bridge over the Mississippi. The Holy Spirit spoke to her very abruptly to turn off the freeway and go a different way home. She obeyed the Holy Spirit arguing with him all the way. Since she takes this same route every day and her commute home takes almost an hour, detouring from the freeway and not crossing over the bridge didn't make sense. Shortly after she detoured from I-35, the bridge went down. "Susie" most likely would have been on that bridge.

The second testimony was told to me by dozens of our students. Every Wednesday night for the past 3 years our buses and vans are loaded and a caravan of vehicles transport our men over the I-35 Bridge to a local church. They leave our buildings at 6:00 and cross over the bridge at approximately 6:10. As the caravan of vehicles left the building, a staff who normally drives the bus stayed back with a group of sick students. He called one of the drivers to say that it might be best if "just tonight" they didn't go over the freeway bridge and instead took an alternative route. When the students arrived at the church and heard what had happened, the vast majority got on their knees and wept.

Lastly, my daughter (our executive director's daughter) who works at the University of Minnesota and is on that bridge every night at around 6:10 p.m. just happened to ask for the day off of work. She also could have been on this bridge.

Right now they say that over 50 cars are lying near or under the bridge on the bottom of the Mississippi River. They believe that most of these vehicles have fatalities. Thank God for His divine protection! Please pray for our city! Yesterday we had our Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and members of the Minneapolis City Council at chapel. It was a powerful time and at the end we prayed together for our city and for God's wisdom on our leaders and law enforcement. Little did we know that just hours later our city would experience the greatest catastrophe in Minnesota's history. Please keep us in prayer."

WOW. God's sovereignty is AMAZING. Why does my flesh want to rely on it's self so often? He is able to more than I can even imagine and yet I continually disobey him. Forgive me Lord.

Thank you Lord for your grace and protection of my co-workers. Thank you for the safety of those who were rescued from the wreckage and please comfort those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

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Sara said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing stories of God's protection. Wow! I just stand in awe of His sovereignty.

On another note...we are going to be in the cities with the RV for a few days. Let me know if you'd like a tour! :) Just email me directly at