Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's here!

This weekend, I am going (praise Jesus!) to the Great Minnesota Get Together. It. Is. Divine. I can't wait for the food! And, I enjoy the free stuff. The good free stuff, mind you, not the crap free stuff. That's just crap and no one needs more crap. But, alas, more crap they (the evil fair crap givers) giveaway each year. Whatever. Anyway, I perused the free things booklet online, and have a few questions and a couple tips:

1. Is this a real fan, or are they leaning towards "energy wise fans" being of the handheld variety? I'm think the latter, and I'm not amused, Great River Energy.

2. Can get a Jack Bauer poster here? Or even a Wentworth Miller, er, Prison Break poster? Pretty please? Not that I need something like that, and certainly wouldn't put it up- but it's a funny thing to have and could be a great joke at work. Add it to the list of places to check out.

3. If you're smart, you plan ahead at the fair. Example: Go here when you're thirsty. Then go here to fill up your new find (and possibly not keep said new water bottle. It's just crap. Crap that, for the day is serving a purpose, but will no longer do so at home. It'll be crap taking up space then. Maybe donate it so you're not throwing it away, but seriously. GET RID OF IT.). By the by, news places crack me up. Which leads me to tip #4.

4. Sometime, in a separate blog, I shall introduce you to my arch nemesis. But, for now, suffice it to say that some news stations here take their personality- well, just one- way too seriously and puff him just a smidge. 'nuff said. For now.

5. Seriously, a Medica temporary tattoo? Really? Really?

6. This? A God-send at the Fair (yes, it can be called just the Fair and it is proper to capitalize it).

7. How random is lipbalm? From a university no less?

It's weird, it's greasy, it's a bit smelly, and it's wonderful I just can't wait.

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