Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Since I'm new to blogging, I guess I don't know "the rules" all that well. Yesterday night I was checking the blogs I frequent and saw a picture on one of the blogs I love. I've been lurking for a year there and not commenting (oops! mistake #1) and have come to love what this sweet woman has to say about her family. When I started reading, she was pregnant and I think that's what made me stay. I'm a sucker for pregnant women. I want to know that everything is ok, what they have, what they name their baby, and how they adjust. I love kids, and the nanny in me loves to see babies and how the family adjusts (I LOVE babies!). Plus, this mom has a sweet spirit and I've enjoyed reading about her sweet family.

Well, back to yesterday, I saw a picture on her blog and clicked on it b/c I was a bit concerned at first. I could see the logo of her son's private school uniform shirt. And, it made me nervous. Heck, ya'll don't even know my name b/c it's so rare that if I told you, and since you know I live in Minneapolis (b/c I just told you) you'd EASILY be able to find where I work at a minimum and probably even much more. SO, I keep it at Olive, which is a nickname (and my grandmother's name) so someone doesn't find me and who knows what. Plus, I'm a small, single girl with no husband (I knew that college degree would come in handy single=no husband, now I get it!), and no father to protect me, so I need to be careful. If I knew how, I'd put up a picture of me, but it wouldn't have any identifying markers, so again, I couldn't be found.

ANYway, I posted a comment to this woman to let her know (her email wasn't listed) and she removed the picture and I think even ALL pictures, though I didn't poke around her blog, I just thought I remembered a few other pictures lately, but I could be wrong. But, I haven't heard from her yet, nor has her posted anything today, so in my paranoid state, I feel like I've offended her or freaked her out. I hope not. I would hate for her to be upset about this, or for even posting the picture in the first place, or mad at me for butting in on her blog. I think she does a great job protecting her family's identity, and this was just a small thing, and it was luckily caught.

I guess I just need to be more careful of what I comment and to whom I comment. BUT, I will pray about the situation and for her. I hope someday she knows I was just trying to be helpful, but she may never (b/c of the aforementioned lack of email), and I will no longer butt in where I'm apparently not wanted/needed.

Live and learn, I guess.


Abby said...

I am sure she was not offended. As far as internet privacy stuff, it is hard to know where to draw the line. I had never mentioned my children's names until some commenters did. Then I figured the cat was out of the bag. I didn't have a picture of them for a long time either, and besides the baby, I think there is only one on my blog. If someone really wanted to research it, they could find out where I live and thus where my children are in school. But I do try to be careful rather than careless and I think school is the biggest concern because that's when they're out of your sight. She probably spent the day researching the school's drop off and pick up policy and how recess works (and thus had no time to blog!) And she probably had a reality check because you mentioned it and because you don't know her and she had no idea you were reading (so who else might be reading?) But I can't imagine she'd be upset with you! My bet is that she just had a reality check. That's all. And that's a good thing.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...


I'm that girl! I was NOT offended. In fact, my man and I thanked God for you, literally. He has been very apprehensive of me posting pictures on my blog of our children. Through much prayer, we decided to remove them. It would be crazy if the pictures put the kids in harm's way, but I couldn't take the small chance. THANK YOU for your comment.