Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yes, Lord.

A few thoughts, as pull I out of this "blah" feeling.

1. Matt & Ginny (who I don't know) went through something similar to what my friends, the Joneses did this year. I love what Matt said here. I want, for my life, what their pastor prayed over them at their wedding.

"Enough blessing that they know Your hand is upon me. Enough difficulty to force me to You.”

That sounds about right.

2. Amanda had this today, and it's a great illustration of God's faithfulness.

3. God is so good. After I typed out my feelings last night, I went to bed, and spent a long time in prayer. As I woke this morning, again, He is gracious and gave me a new day, and a new perspective. I'm not feeling anxious about the job anymore. I am still anxious about other things, but I know He will work those out too. Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness.

4. That's really it. I just felt like I should have a 4th thing. ;)

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