Saturday, March 15, 2008

did it again

Life is just too busy for me to add blogging in so I did it again, I din't even stop by here for two months. Now that is no way to run a blog. I haven't even been reading some of my favorite blogs like sweet Abby and Rocks in my Dryer (ok, I read it this week b/c of LOST) AND I haven't even had time to POST here about LOST at all this season. Crazy busy my life is, I tell ya!

Also, I wanted to keep my name private on here, but assuming another moniker never fit me and I always felt like I was trying a dress that was too big, hoping it would shrink and eventually feel comfortable. It never has.

In a little over a month I'll have my "blogiversary" but I didn't even post 50 times in that year, so I will start a new blog soon, put up a link here, and something I intend to keep up with. It'll be different, because I think mostly it'll host my thirifting treasures (and my Pyrex OBSESSION) and I'll chat once in a while on it. Pyrex I know will keep me coming back to blog. :)

Oh, and since I'm on here today, Happy 27th Birthday to me. :)


Abby said...

I took your link down on my blog because I check them all almost every day and it was too depressing to keep coming over here and see nothing. But I can't wait til you start a new blog! Let me know when that happens- you will always have a place in my sidebar : ) And I am very intrigued by your Pyrex obsession. I have to admit I am completely clueless about anything Pyrex beyond clear glass, run of the mill, available at Walmart wares. So you'll definitely have to share! Happy late birthday! Hope it was a good one!

Kim said...

Hi, Olive...thank you for your sweet comment...I commented back to let you know where the dress is from. Thanks for reading and have a very blessed week!!!


heather said...

Hey Olive just came on over as a fellow grace-believer from you-know-where. Clearly the she in question just enjoys arguing in circles, and I'd rather hang out in the blogosphere with more like-minded people. So hi!

Wendy said...

I do the same thing - go from posting to not at all.
Happy Bday!